Heart shape hole in a huge salt cave’s wall. Deepness = terrifying. Tiny ants looking down-> people on the other chamber’s floor #shittingmyself
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The Damage of the Dog Whisperer: A scientific critique of Cesar Millan’s theories and training methods.


article found here, unsure of author’s name

If you care about animal welfare, please read this.

I’ve now been training dogs for a decade. I find Cesar Millan’s training theory and advice appalling. As a scientist, it is obvious that his factual statements and derived conclusions…

Pocokpooch and the lovely lovely sunny weather <3
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You are so pretty. I love your style. I´m a reggae singer from Venezuela. Do you have a Facebook account, Or any messenger to Chat? :)

Hey Fedrico!
Thank you very much :)
I do have a Facebook account of course, but I’d like to keep my Facebook for my real life friends and acquaintances. I don’t chit-chat too much and I only do it when it’s necessary. But if you have any sort of questions about dreadlocks or anything else I can help with, you can ask it here ;)
Have a lovely weekend and good progress in your music.

Igen, erdélyi magyar csajszi vagyok, aki 2 éve Manchesterben tanyázik. ^^
Khm…köszönöm szépen, hihi, megtisztelő a “példakép” megnevezés, de nem hinném bármi hasonlót kiérdemelnék    ~>.<~
Csodás napot kívánok <3

So... How do you advise getting the best out of this site?... Shit question. If you could time travel, where would you go and why?

So… To get the best out of any site you mustn’t spend all your time on it. Go outdoors. Experience.
And if I could time travel <3 awww. Question is: is it only time travel or dimensional/space travel in the same time as well? Or am I just landing on the same spot/planet in a different era? Can I change things or must I only observe? Can I share knowledge or not?Can I reveal my time travelling ability?  Can I return to my original timeline?
It’s too complicated, but I’d like to witness some things…like the Big Bang or go back to the beginning of the industrial era and share knowledge about renewable energy, recycling etc. to change the future and reduce humanity’s impact on Earth. Or back to the middle ages and fight against the aggressive forced spreading of Christianity. We’d be so much more advanced in medicine and technology (and generally every scientific field) if the Dark Ages wouldn’t have happened. 

I’m a “loctitian” :)
It means I make dreadlocks, dread extensions and maintenances ^^
CROCHET all the time!

I’m originally from Transylvania but I’m living in Manchester/UK.

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Withness my hightimes